Cherry Profile Keycaps

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Cherry Profile Keycaps keyboards feature sloping tops, sculpted rows and a shorter height of 9.4 mm. It refers to the shape and height of the keys on the keyboard. This achieves an interesting balance between comfort, precision and speed.

Cherry Profile Keycaps, a timeless classic in the gaming world

For video game enthusiasts, Cherry Profile Keycaps is the perfect answer. It lets gamers customize the look of their keyboard by swapping keycaps for models in a variety of colors, shapes and materials. This gives them the chance to design an exclusive keyboard that expresses their individual style. These are just some of the reasons why Cherry Profile Keycaps keyboards are considered a timeless classic in the world of video games.

Manufacturing quality

Cherry Profile Keycaps are distinguished by their use of top-quality materials. This ensures durability and resistance to intensive use. Gamers are free to hammer away at the keys, even during long gaming sessions, without the risk of premature wear.


To harmonize with various mechanical switches, Cherry Profile Keycaps are carefully designed to work together, including cherry MX. By using the switches that best suit their personal preferences, players contribute to optimal immersion. This flexibility allows them to personalize their playing ability.

Variety of profiles

Cherry Profile Keycaps come in a variety of profiles, including OEM, Cherry, DSA and SA. This varied range offers players the opportunity to select the keycap profile that perfectly matches their ergonomic preferences and desired grip feel.

  • Cherry MX OEM Profile

This is the most standard and common profile. The keys are characterized by their predominantly uniform height and slightly concave shape.

  • Cherry MX Cherry Profile

Similar in shape to OEM keyboards, this profile is not as widely available as OEM keyboards. It features shorter keys and more rounded corners.

  • Cherry MX DSA Profile

This profile stands out for its uniform, flat keys. Whatever their position on the keyboard, this means that the keycaps share an identical height.

  • Cherry MX SA Profile

Providing a singular typing feel, this profile offers a singular yet distinctive appearance to the keyboard. It features high, cylindrical keys.

Cherry Keycaps to make your choice easier

Opting for Cherry Profile Keycaps is beneficial. Thanks to their versatility and compatibility, they facilitate your personalization process. They simplify your choices by offering several advantages:

Seizing sensation

Cherry Profile Keycaps are admired for their pleasant grip feel and distinctive tactile feedback. Whether you're a gamer, or a professional user, these aspects are advantageous where responsiveness and precision take on a key role. When you press the keys, you'll feel when the pressure is registered.

The combination of tactile feedback and Cherry Profile Keycaps' build quality reduces fatigue during long work sessions. You can use complex movements more quickly and precisely. This helps you to improve your capacity and performance.

Improvements and upgrades

By substituting keycaps, you avoid the unnecessary purchase of a whole new model. You can enhance the look and feel of your keyboard. This offers a cost-effective alternative for personalizing your typing experience. Instead of investing in an entirely new keyboard, replacing keycaps is a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution.

While staying within your budget, this option lets you show your preference for style and ergonomics. What's more, this approach is particularly suitable if you're already satisfied with the performance of your current keyboard. On the other hand, if you're simply looking to breathe new visual and tactile life into it, Cherry Profile Keycaps is a good choice.

Adapted to your needs

With Cherry Profile Keycaps, you can design a keyboard that fits your particular needs. Whether you're a writer, a professional user or a gamer, you're worthy of choosing keycaps tuned to your method of keyboard use. This customization allows you to adapt the keys to your ergonomic preference, your handling style and the specific requirements associated with your activity.

Cherry Profile Keycaps gives you the flexibility to create a keyboard perfectly suited to your needs. Need a comfortable typing experience for editorial work, or a specific configuration for your job? Cherry Profile Keycaps is a good option. And even for gamers, they offer fast, accurate response for gaming. By opting for keycaps suitable for everyday use, you optimize the comfort and efficiency of your typing performance.

In short, Cherry Profile Keycaps simplify the customization process, ensuring that your keyboard is not only functional, but also reflects your unique style and preferences. By offering compatibility with various types of mechanical switches, they enable users to select the switches that best match their preferences. This flexibility also extends to the different keycap shapes, colors and materials available.

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