Cherry MX Keycaps

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The unconditional art of Cherry MX Keycaps

A small plastic cover that fits perfectly on the switch of a keyboard - these are the famous keycaps. Many people are content with the original keys on their keyboard, but enthusiasts often customize their mechanical keyboard by replacing the old keys with keycaps of their own design. This way you can express yourself through your keyboard and create your unique setup! These high-quality materials are made of PBT or ABS and provide a comfortable experience when you use your keyboard for your daily tasks. Both materials are mechanically strong and heat-resistant. They are also solvent resistant, so your fingers won't slip off while using them.

Keycaps are very popular in today's world and now come in a variety of styles. Whether it's Corsair Keycaps or Blank Keycaps, our keycaps store is dedicated to bringing you the largest collection in Germany! You will find custom keycaps that include the qwerty layout, as this is the most common layout in the world of video games.

Our keycaps are not only compatible with all mechanical keyboards with MX switches, but also with Cherry MX. Keycaps these days are much more than just little caps that decorate your keyboard. They have become a fad in the world of gaming and video game fans. Be free to choose your keyboard caps, free to choose between a set or mini sets to give your keyboard an exceptional style. In our collection you will find many different styles, from minimalist to original, so there is something for everyone.

We're also a big fan of the different types of keycap profiles, so you can customize them however you like. We have Cherry, OEM, SA, XDA, DSA type profiles and many more. You know that we are one of the big brands when it comes to gaming in Germany. Take the step now to custom keycaps that will help you enter the world of custom keyboards.

MX Keycaps for a perfect keyboard

For both amateur and professional gamers, mechanical keyboards are indispensable for realizing their full gaming potential. Most of them feature MX switches. But how can you tell if your keyboard has MX keycaps? To do so, you need to remove one of the keys on your keyboard. Once you do that, you will notice a "+" shaped slot under the key and a corresponding pin shape on the switch. This distinctive shape is an MX-style stem. Most switches for mechanical keyboards have this shank shape to achieve maximum compatibility with the keys of standard keyboards. They are usually combined with Cherry MX switches. However, this does not mean that the switches have to be from Cherry. Manufacturers like Kailh, Gateron, Oumetu and others use Cherry MX style switches as they are the standard for mechanical keyboards. Again, the Cherry brand has decided to develop different types of switches with different sounds.

The MX keycaps are diverse in our wide selection. However, there is a wide variety of Cherry MX switches in a variety of colors. There are red, black, brown, blue, and silver. All of them have different sounds and feel different when pressed! If you want more information about them, check out our switch collections.

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