Keycap Sets

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Create attractive visual harmony and personalize your workspace by choosing products that match the style of your keycaps sets. These are keycap sets designed to make your mechanical keyboard unique, and tailored to your personal taste. They also offer a beautiful appearance by choosing designs and colors for your keyboard, and sometimes even a pleasant typing feel.

Find the right product among our Keycaps Sets

To complete the aesthetics of your computer configuration, keycaps sets can be combined with various accessories. Here are a few recommendations for products that would go well with our keycaps sets:

Matching mechanical keyboard

When investing in customized keycap sets, it's a good idea to complement them with a mechanical keyboard that matches their aesthetic. Please select a keyboard whose style and color match those of your keycap sets. It's also important to check the keyboard's compatibility with the key profile of your keycap sets. This will ensure an optimal and comfortable typing experience.

To create a visually appealing package, the combination of keycap sets and keyboard is a coherent one. It goes without saying to take into account the size and layout of the keys to ensure that the keycap sets will be perfectly compatible with the keyboard. This attention to detail will contribute to a computer configuration that reflects your individual taste.

Matching mouse pad

Bring striking visual continuity to your working world by using a mouse pad that reflects the colors and designs of your keycap sets. By opting for this accessory, you can establish optimum harmony between different elements of your space. This adds an extra layer of personalization to your computer setup while creating a clean, consistent look.
Whether bold or subtle, the mouse pad complements the hues and patterns of your keycap sets. This helps reinforce the visual theme you've chosen. What's more, a well-matched mouse pad provides a smooth, comfortable working surface for your mouse. It improves your ability to navigate and work.

Coordinating accessories

Complete the look of your keycaps by choosing desk accessories such as pen holders, organizers and briefcases. Linking accessories to keycap sets can enhance the overall look of your workplace and add a touch of personalization. To make your overall IT setup look more polished and thoughtful, the shades, patterns and textures of the accessories need to be in sync with those of the keycap sets. What's more, well-chosen desk accessories help to organize and functionalize your space, which can promote a productive and enjoyable working environment.

Matching lighting

Desk lamps or LED ribbons that match the colors of your keycaps can be used for aesthetic and visual harmony. When the colors of lamps or LED ribbons match those of keycaps sets, it establishes an overall theme or style in your working world. This color coordination creates a visually appealing ensemble that's soothing to the eye and pleasing to look at.

Custom cables

Combining USB cables or keyboard connection cables that coordinate with your keycap sets gives an opportunity to bring subtle, aesthetic personalization to your IT setup. If these cables are matched in color, style or pattern to your chosen keycap sets, they blend harmoniously into the overall aesthetic of your workspace. What's more, it creates an appropriate visual ambience that can positively influence your mood and creativity while you work or play on your computer.

Improved ergonomics

To create a workspace that supports your long-term physical well-being, adopt ergonomic supports. They are an essential complement, promoting a more soothing working position that's adapted to your body. This reduces muscle fatigue and neck and back strain, as they allow you to adjust the height and tilt of your keyboard and monitor. Integrating adjustable supports into your computer setup has a positive impact on your comfort, productivity and overall health.

Keycap Set for a beautiful Keyboard

Beauty is subjective, and what makes a keyboard beautiful depends on individual preferences. Keycap sets offer the possibility of embellishing your keyboard and making it unique so that it reflects your own sense of style and aesthetics in several ways:

Theme and consistency

By opting for keycap sets aligned to a defined theme or color scheme, it's possible to fashion a cohesive, homogeneous aesthetic for your computer configuration. This approach breathes visual harmony into your working environment. Adapted keycap sets with a pre-established color scheme expose a sense of fluidity and coordination in the overall appearance of your configuration. This visual consistency can create a more pleasant, professional atmosphere.

High-end aesthetics

To enhance the appearance and performance of your keyboard, simply invest in keycaps with quality finish materials. Some keycap sets are made from high-end materials. Including PBT, which stands out for its pleasant typing feel and enhanced resistance. It provides a grip experience that combines comfort, durability and a pleasant feel with every keystroke. The matte and textured finishes of high-end keycap sets add a refined, elegant touch to the overall appearance of your keyboard.

Personal expression

Your keyboard is a tool you use every day. It goes without saying that you can personalize it with keycap sets to reflect your character and passions. This can lend a distinct charm and originality to your working environment. The addition of personalized keycap sets can shape a workspace that reflects your unique identity, and can also be a source of inspiration in everyday life. These personalized touches, chosen according to your personal taste, create a comfortable and motivating atmosphere in which to accomplish your tasks.


Give your keyboard an exclusive, visually appealing look with keycaps sets. By selecting shades, designs and patterns that complement your preferences, you can tailor the appearance of your keyboard to your own style. This allows you to create a keyboard that stands out for its unique appearance, while still being visually pleasing. For a touch of originality to your computer tool, keycap sets are a creative way to meet your needs.


Within the community of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, keycap sets are considered collectible items. Keycap sets in limited editions or with a particular artistic dimension represent an important meaning for enthusiasts. Within this group, these special sets are considered objects of great value.  They go beyond functionality to become expressions of dedication to keyboard culture.

Rare or creative sets embody expertise and love for mechanical keyboards, and are cherished as much for their exclusivity as for their aesthetics. Thanks to their usefulness, keycap sets become coveted items among collectors and connoisseurs. Especially for those who appreciate their originality and uniqueness in the keyboard world.

Inspiration and creativity

Having a keyboard with a captivating aesthetic can generate a sense of emulation and inventiveness while you're working or playing on your computer. The visually pleasing appearance of your keyboard acts as a trigger for your creativity and inspires you in your activities. When the visual elements of your keyboard, such as keycap sets, catch your eye and seduce you, it can positively influence your state of mind and motivation. It's a catalyst for ideas and innovation within your IT experience.

Variety of designs and profiles

Keycaps sets come in a variety of key profiles such as Cherry, SA, DSA, among others, as well as original designs. This variety gives you the latitude to select a keycap set that not only suits your visual tastes, but also your preferred input feel. With a multitude of profiles and designs available, you can personalize your typing feel. Choosing keycap sets that match your preferred tactile feel only improves the appearance of your keyboard. It also creates a typing experience that's comfortable and enjoyable for you, in harmony with your personal preferences.

In conclusion, harmonize your workspace visually and functionally by taking advantage of the customization possibilities offered by keycap sets. Be sure to consider your personal preferences and ergonomic comfort when choosing these complementary products.

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