Low Profile Keycaps

Be unique with low-profile keycaps !

In the world of technology, keyboards are indispensable tools for communicating, creating and interacting with our digital devices. Whether it's writing an email, coding a program, playing video games or simply surfing the web, keyboards are our faithful companions. But did you know that you can personalise your typing experience and add a touch of uniqueness to your keyboard by using low profile keycaps?

Where do low-profile keycaps come from?

Computer keyboards have come a long way since their invention in the early 19th century. The first large mechanical keyboards used cylindrical keys to allow users to enter text.

When the first mechanical keyboards were introduced to the market, they generally used high-profile switches, such as Alps, Cherry MX and others. These switches, while renowned for their durability and tactile response, were also bulkier, resulting in thicker keyboards with taller keycaps. At the time, this design was the norm and considered the standard for keyboards.

However, over time, engineers and manufacturers began to explore ways of reducing the height of keyboards while retaining the feel of mechanical typing. This gave rise to the concept of low profile keycaps. They were designed to provide a faster, more comfortable typing experience, while reducing the distance the keys have to travel.

As technology has advanced, low profile keycaps have continued to evolve. New materials, such as PBT plastic, have been used to improve durability, while more sophisticated moulding techniques have made it possible to create even thinner keycaps without sacrificing quality.

These thinner keycaps enabled faster, more accurate typing, by reducing the distance between keys and minimising the pressure required to activate each key. This new design quickly conquered the consumer and professional markets, becoming the standard for many laptops and desktop keyboards. Today, these low-profile keycaps are widely available on the market, offering users an attractive alternative to traditional keycaps.

Low profile keycaps, for a more modern and stylish keyboard

Low profile keycaps, as the name suggests, are special keycaps designed to be thinner and lower than the traditional keycaps found on most standard keyboards. Unlike mechanical keyboards with thick, bouncy keys, low-profile keycaps offer a smoother, quieter typing experience.

Keycaps are often made of silicone, plastic or metal, depending on the user's preference. Low profile keycaps are an emerging trend in the world of customisable keyboards. They are slimmer and more discreet. They offer a smoother, quieter typing feel, which can be highly appreciated by users who often type for long periods.

Most low-profile keycaps are compatible with a wide range of mechanical keyboards. So you don't need to buy a new keyboard to take advantage of this upgrade. All you need to do is find keycaps that are compatible with your current keyboard model.

Low profile keycaps are often made from high quality materials, such as PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), which make them more durable than standard plastic keycaps. They stand up better to everyday wear and tear, and look like new for longer.

Low profile keycaps, accessories with multiple benefits

Low profile keycaps give your keyboard a sleek, elegant look. They are available in a variety of designs, colours and materials, allowing you to create a keyboard that reflects your personal style. Whether you prefer a clean, professional look or something bolder and more colourful, there are options to suit all tastes.

The low-profile design of these keycaps offers enhanced typing comfort. Because the keys are thinner, you don't need to press them as hard, which can reduce finger and wrist fatigue, especially for users who type a lot. If you work in a shared environment or are simply sensitive to loud noises, low-profile keycaps may be the answer.

Les claviers à profil bas favorisent une meilleure position des poignets et des mains, réduisant ainsi le risque de douleurs et de troubles musculo-squelettiques liés à une utilisation prolongée du clavier. La disposition plus plate des touches permet également de réduire la distance parcourue par les doigts lors de la frappe, ce qui peut être bénéfique pour la santé des utilisateurs.

Their design reduces typing noise, allowing you to work without disturbing others around you. The flat design of low profile keycaps makes them easy to clean. You can easily remove the caps to clear away dirt and debris, keeping your keyboard clean and tidy. 

Because of their low height, low profile keycaps are generally thinner and lighter than traditional keyboards. This makes them ideal for use with laptops or when you're on the move. Finally, one of the main reasons to opt for low profile keycaps is the ability to fully customise your keyboard. With matching sets of keycaps or unique keycaps for the most frequently used keys, you can create a keyboard that really suits you.

Low-profile keyboard keycaps: for which keyboards ?

Low profile keyboard keycaps are designed for use with low profile mechanical keyboards. These keyboards are often referred to as 'low-switch keyboards' or 'scissor-action keyboards'. Unlike traditional membrane keyboards, low-profile mechanical keyboards use special switches to provide a more pleasant and responsive typing feel.

Low profile keycaps are commonly used in laptops, wireless keyboards and some desktop keyboards, particularly those designed for modern working environments. They are particularly popular for portable and compact keyboards, as they allow the thickness of the keyboard to be reduced considerably. Low profile mechanical keycaps are ideal for people on the move or for limited workspaces, offering a practical solution without compromising typing quality.

Low profile keycaps are becoming increasingly popular with gamers. They offer a fast, responsive typing feel, which can be a decisive advantage in games that require fast, precise actions. What's more, their ergonomic design can reduce finger fatigue during long gaming sessions.

Professionals who spend many hours working on their computers can also benefit from low-profile keycaps. Their ergonomic design can reduce the pressure exerted on the fingers, improving typing comfort and contributing to faster, more accurate typing.

How do I choose low profile keycaps ?

The computer keyboard is one of the most frequently used interfaces in our daily lives. Whether we're working, playing or just surfing the web, we spend many hours typing on our keyboards. That's why it's crucial to choose the right keyboard, especially given the plethora of products on the market. To make the right choice, here are the criteria to consider :


As with any computer accessory, aesthetics play an important role. Low-profile keyboards often have a sleek, modern design, making them visually appealing. What's more, many manufacturers offer keycaps in different colours, shapes and materials, allowing users to customise their keyboard to suit their personal style. Choose keycaps that match your preferences in terms of colour, finish and design to personalise your keyboard to your taste.


Low-profile keycaps are available in a range of materials including silicone, plastic and metal. Low profile keycaps can be made from a variety of materials such as ABS plastic, PBT or silicone. Each material offers different characteristics in terms of durability, feel and wear resistance. So it's essential to try out different options to find the one that suits you best.

Profile height

Low-profile keyboards can have different profile heights, ranging from the flattest models to slightly sloping models. Try different heights to find the one that suits you best in terms of comfort and typing feel.


Make sure the keycaps you choose are compatible with your keyboard. Some models may be designed for specific mechanical keyboards, while others may be more universal. Check the types of switches supported (Cherry MX, Scissor, etc.) and the layout of the keys to ensure a perfect match.


Thanks to their slimmer design, low profile keycaps allow users to type faster and more accurately. The reduced key travel distance allows fingers to glide more easily between keys, which is particularly appreciated by writers, programmers and gamers. Ergonomics are important in preventing repetitive typing injuries. Look for keycaps that promote a more natural, comfortable typing posture for your hands and wrists.

Whether you're a professional who spends long hours typing at the computer, or a gaming enthusiast looking for a unique keyboard, low-profile keycaps can help you transform your keyboard into a personalised accessory that's a pleasure to use. So don't wait any longer, explore the different options available on the market and add a touch of uniqueness to your keyboard today !

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