OSA Profile Keycaps


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  • OSA Profile Keycaps in clear black are designed with a high quality PC material, classic Japanese layout with a clear, fade resistant advanced UV print.

    Explore the best of both worlds with our transparent black OSA Profile Keycaps. Designed to provide a comfortable typing experience, these keycaps combine the lower height of the SA profile with the aesthetics and upper curvature of the classic SA profile. Their transparent design allows for stunning backlighting, adding a touch of elegance to your keyboard. Enjoy precise, ergonomic typing, reducing fatigue and improving your productivity. These keys are more than just an upgrade, they allow you to customise your keyboard for an exceptional typing experience. Opt for innovation and comfort with our transparent black OSA Profile Keycaps and give your keyboard a touch of modern sophistication.

      The keyboard is not included in the set

      Fabrication from high quality PC

      Number of keycaps : 82

      Language : QWERTY

     Profile OSA

      Layout : ANSI

      Compatible with MX switches (Cherry, Razer, Gateron, Kailh and others)

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