Light Blue Keycaps


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  • Discover this Light Blue Keycaps, a set of 137 keycaps in a gradient color. Meticulously crafted in high-quality, low-profile PBT, double-shot process.

    Light Blue Keycaps in gradient colors add an enchanting touch to your typing experience. The fluid gradation of shades brings a captivating aesthetic to your keyboard, brightening up your workspace. These Keycaps are more than just an aesthetic upgrade; they also improve your productivity. The light, responsive keys offer a pleasant tactile sensation, optimizing every touch. You'll feel a new fluidity as you type, making your work or gaming sessions even more enjoyable. Turn your keyboard into a functional work of art with Light Blue Keycaps in gradient colors, and discover a refreshing and inspiring way to interact with your computer.

      The keyboard is not included in the set

      Fabrication from high quality PBT Double Shot

      Number of keycaps : 137

      Language : QWERTY

     Profile : Low Profile

      Layout: ISO and ANSI

      Compatible with MX switches (Cherry, Razer, Gateron, Kailh and others)

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