Resin Keycaps

Discover our different designs on our Resin keycaps

Resin keycaps are durable, hard-wearing accessories for customizing your keyboard keys. It's a soft, flexible material to ensure flexibility when working on your keyboard. They are available in a variety of designs and styles to suit your preference and need. Here are some of the most common designs.

  • Solid colors

Resin keycaps come in a range of solid colors, such as black, white, red, blue and green, among others. These solid colors let you choose caps to match the look of your keyboard. They offer a sober, elegant appearance to your IT tools. By opting for these colors, you can personalize your keyboard while preserving a refined, timeless aesthetic. With a variety of colors available, you can find the style that best suits your taste.

  • Transparent design

Some resin keycaps are designed with a transparent resin, which maintains the original appearance of the keys. This provides optimum protection and adhesion to your keyboard. Thanks to this transparent design, you can continue to fully appreciate the beauty of your keyboard without compromising its integrity.

The transparent resin acts as a protective barrier against the accumulation of oil, dirt and dust, keeping your keyboard clean and long-lasting. What's more, this design allows the caps to fit snugly over the keys, guaranteeing a secure, comfortable contact when you're handling them.

Using this transparent accessory is a practical and aesthetic solution to your keyboard's appearance. Especially if you want to protect your keyboard without sacrificing the visibility or visual appeal of their keys. It's an ideal option for combining functionality and aesthetics while preserving the original appearance of your keyboard.

  • Fluorescent or phosphorescent colors

In low-light environments, choose resin keycaps in fluorescent or phosphorescent colors. Fluorescent colors emit a bright glow when exposed to light, making it easier to see the keys on your keyboard even in ambient darkness. Similarly, phosphorescent colors have the ability to glow in the dark after being exposed to a light source, giving you an additional visual cue.

Even in low or no light conditions, using this accessory enables you to work with precision. This is advantageous when working at night, where lighting can be varied and dimmed. By adding this luminescent feature, this tool enhances your skill and overall performance.

  • Customized design

If you want originality and creativity in the appearance of your keyboard, resin keycaps with custom designs are a good choice. From abstract motifs to iconic symbols and personalized logos, they give you the opportunity to make your keyboard unique and original. With this customization option, you can express your individuality and personal style.

By using this accessory, you connect more with your keyboard and find visual inspiration in your performance. These caps are a unique and original way to embellish your keyboard, making it even more special and meaningful.

  • Expandable design

To maintain consistency of protection and aesthetics to your keyboard, choose resin stretch keycaps. They are specially designed to fit a variety of keys. This adaptability is a practical and effective solution for protecting and personalizing your keyboard, without the need for specific caps.

Their stretchy nature allows them to adjust precisely to the shape and size of the keys, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. Not only is this accessory easy to use, it also offers appreciable convenience. It's effective in enhancing and protecting your keyboard universally.

  • Key markings

Some resin keycaps feature key markings, with specific visual cues. These markings provide clear, visible reference points on your computer.  If you're a typing beginner, they're an invaluable aid to finding your way around your keyboard.

These markings enable you to visualize and identify the different keys more quickly, making it easier for you to learn and practice. They're particularly useful when you're just starting out with a keyboard. By opting for this tool, you can develop your skills more quickly. What's more, you benefit from a more rewarding learning experience.

Finally, resin keycaps give you a variety of designs to suit your needs. Whether you want to personalize your keyboard, make it easier to handle or enhance its appearance, they're practical and versatile for all levels.

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